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Community Events

Programming interview practice
6-17-19 7:00 pm - Hexagon Brewing Company
Knoxville Programming Interview Practice

We're going to meet up for some introductions and some programming questions. Bring a laptop if you have one. Limited group size while our office is getting built out.

Through Nefarious Eyes by Joe Bruno
6-17-19 7:00 pm - Hexagon Brewing Company

What do attackers see when they look at your product, company, application, or even you. What perks their interest? How do they recon a target? What tools do they often use? As developers, it's our responsibility to be aware of potential security...

Texas Holdem Poker Tournament
6-17-19 7:00 pm - Hexagon Brewing Company
K-Town Poker League

Freeroll Texas Holdem tournament starts at 7PM. It's always free to play and prizes are paid to the top 4 winners.

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